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For any platform, SEO is the most reliable source of traffic. To help each website owner get access to the SEO resources they need to boost their SEO and draw more traffic to their website, we built Rank Math, a WordPress SEO plugin.

Rank Math PRO is a WordPress Search Engine Optimization plugin that makes it simple for everyone to optimize their content with built-in recommendations based on best practices that are commonly accepted. Customize significant SEO settings easily, monitor which pages can be indexed, and how you want your website to appear in Structured Data search.

Take The Guesswork Out Of WordPress SEO

Stop configuring your site manually to meet best practices. Rank Math saves you countless hours of repetitive work and makes it simple to optimize posts so that your site can rank higher. Is this brief enough?

Feature of Rank Math Pro – WordPress SEO Made Easy Pro

Fully Easy Setup Wizard

Rank Math Pro configures itself functionally. Rank Math has a step-by-step installation and configuration wizard that effortlessly configures SEO for WordPress.

Rank Math verifies the settings of your site upon installation and recommends the optimal settings for best results. Then the step-by-step wizard sets up SEO, social profiles, webmaster profiles and other SEO settings for your site.

Clean, Simple & Professional UI

This Rank Math SEO PRO is built at the right time to present you with the correct details. Alongside the post itself the quick, but powerful user interface highlights important details about your articles. You can enhance the SEO of your post instantaneously using this knowledge.

Rank Math features advanced previews of snippets as well. When posted on social media, you can preview how your post will appear in the SERPs, preview rich snippets, and even preview how your post will look.

The best SEO plug-in, I have ever installed and tried in my 6 Blogging years, is Rank Math! It is one of the most helpful and helpful WordPress hands-down plugins in the world.

Built-In Advanced SEO Analytics Module

In your WordPress admin dashboard, Rank Math provides useful knowledge from the Google Search Console. You will see your ranked keywords, status of your sitemap, and problems with indexing. These are invaluable knowledge when maintaining a website with high efficiency.

Google Analytics Integration

Take a look at the statistics of your website without ever leaving your WordPress Dashboard convenience.

Rank Tracker

You always want to know what price your website can pay against competition, even if you are just starting with SEO. Use Rank Math’s Rank Tracker to monitor the success of your website with preset keywords.

Keep an Eye on Position History

If you regularly test new SEO approaches or simply want to see how your website has worked over time, the role history would be a godsend.

Keep track of your website’s position in the search engines over the last few weeks or months.

Ranking Keywords for Posts

Many times, it is very enlightening to know every keyword that your post plays. You can rewrite your content with this knowledge further to boost the rankings of those mouthwatering keywords for which you never thought you would rank.

The Most Advanced Schema Generator

Schema Markup provides search engines and consumers with additional details about your website. The Rank Math is as easy as pointing and clicking including the structured data for posts. Different types of schema are allowed, and a default settings category may also be set.

Import Schema Markup from Other Websites

Import Schema markup from your own website or any other website in the internet, from any page/post or URL. Give yourself an initial start by importing ready-made schema from other URLs and make your preferences according to changes.

Schema Markup Validation

Check the Google Rich Results confirmation tool in your schema markup easily inside your WP dashboard. The method is so straightforward.

Article Schema

By including relevant metadata in your posts, search engines can better understand your content. The article type schema is fully supported by Rank Math, and it can be added to posts with a single click.

By including the Article Schema in your post, you increase the chances of it appearing as a rich card in the SERPs, which will significantly increase its click-through rate.

Product Schema

Rank Math Business also supports product schema, which can be easily added to your desire posts. You can include the product name, description, SKU, inventory, and other information about the product, which will be displayed in the SERPs.

Custom Schema Builder

Create custom schemes with just a few clicks to add several schemes to a single message. To construct sophisticated schema graphs using the Rank Math plugin, no programming knowledge is necessary.

Schema Templates with Display Conditions

Use Schema view conditions to show them on your website Schema (i.e. single, archives, or entire website). Creates and inserts schema templates in posts with a mouse. Add properties and groups of properties and combine them all with a few clicks.

Recipe Schema

With Rank Math’s recipe schema support, increasing traffic to a food blog has never been easier. Simply enter your recipe’s information to have it appear as a rich card in the search results.

Events Schema

With Rank Math’s event snippet support, you can promote your events in style. You can configure the events snippet with over fifteen different types of events, allowing you to rank your event for a variety of related keywords.

Rank Math also collects additional event data such as the venue URL, ticketing URL, ticket inventory, and so on. This information is useful to customers and contributes to a positive customer experience.

Video Schema

With Rank Math’s video schema support, you can breathe new life into your videos. The snippets are simple to add and ensure that your video appears as a rich card in the SERPs.

Local Business Schema

Ranking a local business for specific keywords can mean the difference between night and day for the company. Your local business has a much better chance of ranking and receiving more traffic with Rank Math’s local business schema support.

Installation Guide:

  • You will get two files inside the zip folder after downloading from the below link
  • First, install seo-by-rank-math-v1.0.95.1.zip
  • Then install seo-by-rank-math-pro-v3.0.18.1.zip
  • You are done.
  • Never update the free version of the Rank Math SEO SEP plugin directly from your WordPress Dashboard.

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