Work from home jobs are steadily gaining popularity over the years, but demand for remote work is currently skyrocketing.

People of various skillsets are, expectedly, looking for a job or two they can do from the comfort of their home with a modest initial investment if any.

Remote jobs are also enthusiastically embraced by women of all ages and skills, allowing them to earn while staying at home for various reasons.

Moreover, these jobs help them hone an existing skillset even to the point of starting up a new, successful career.

We hope you will find suggestions in our A-Z list of work from home jobs inspiring.


1. Animation Artist

The work of animation artists is found in advertisements, pop videos, films and series, PC games, websites, and other media.

The job allows animation artists to be freelancers, working part-time or temporary contracts.

Animator’s career improvement depends on their skills in 2D and 3D animation, as well as the ability to promote their portfolio.


2. Babysitter


Duties of a babysitter are varied and depend on the age of the kids they are caring for.

Looking after children while their parents or guardians are absent is a responsible and yet fun and rewarding job women can do from home.

Having some experience in childcare is expected, but ladies able to communicate naturally with children will easily and quickly acquire it.


3. Bookkeeper


If you have a formal education in accounting, you will easily adapt to the role of a remote bookkeeper.

Performing daily accounting tasks and overseeing a company’s financial data is the same whether you work from home or office.

This job allows you to work with several clients at once, especially if your clients are small enterprises.


4. Captioner

Offline captioning provides an excellent opportunity to earn while sitting on your sofa.

As an offline captioner, you create captions for various recorded audio or video.

To do this job well, you need to capture the words correctly and to time captions right.

Closed captioning is a form of offline captioning that includes sound descriptions and is done for the hearing impaired.

Subtitling, on the other hand, involves the translation of the material and requires both bilingual and captioning skills.


5. Chef and Caterer

Chef and Caterer

If you enjoy cooking and are good at it, earn from your kitchen as a chef – caterer.

Preparing delicacies for events is only one component of this remote job.

It allows you to design creative and healthy menus and demonstrate your artistic food presentation skills to the public.

Also, you can start your brand and promote yourself on social media by sharing recipes and photos from delighted clients.


6. Copywriter

It will please you to learn that copywriters are in high demand.

Whether you write “copy” for websites, advertisements, catalogues or brochures, you can easily do it from home.

Companies in different industries need copywriters to create advertising material for their blogs, newsletters, and home, landing, product or subscription pages.


7. Corporate English Trainer

Corporate English Trainer

In general, corporate trainers develop curriculum and teach new skills to workers in a particular industry.

Corporate trainers can teach English (or any other subject for that matter) using remote work software to reach their students.

Specifically, corporate English trainers need to be native speakers, with a relevant college degree, and experience in businessΒ English training.


8. Customer Care Representative

There is hardly a modern business that deals with customers that don’t need a customer care agent.

Customer care representatives fulfil customers’ needs to ensure their satisfaction.

It is up to you to choose the industry you feel comfortable working in and offer your services.

Also, this remote job doesn’t require previous experience as companies normally provide training for new team members.

Companies managing call centres are perhaps among the first who discovered the benefits of work from home jobs.

Call-centre agents operate as technical support, sales agents or customer care, depending on the industry they work in.


9. Film Instructional Videos or How-To Vlogger

Work From Home Jobs For Women

If you are good at something and have a knack for instructing others, pass your skill as a how-to blogger.

Film instructional videos and post them on your YouTube channel.

You can start an online job by creating engaging material as a scientist, artist, cook, stylist or trainer.

Hence, aerobic can help you stay in shape and earn from the comfort of your home gym.


10. Graphic Designer

Work From Home Jobs For Women

There is almost no industry or business that doesn’t require a graphic designer to create visual concepts for their commercials, leaflets, publications or corporate reports so you should have a lot of opportunities to hone your skills and land better jobs.

If you can communicate ideas that motivate, inform or charm consumers, you can work from wherever you desire.


11. Handmade Crafter and e-Seller

Work From Home Jobs For Women

Join your creative and practical sides and become a craft artist or artisan.

Whether you make decorations, glassware, pottery, toys, jewellery or clothing, you can do it from the comfort of your home workshop.

There are endless work from home jobs for women when it comes to being creative.

Make your items affordable, promote them on social media, and sell them on platforms of your choice.

Note that, as you don’t have a brick-and-mortar store, you will assume the roles of designer, maker, seller, marketer, bookkeeper, and customer support, before you can hire others to help you grow your business.


12. Legal Advisor

Work From Home Jobs For Women

If you have a degree in law and experience in the field, consider the career of a legal advisor.

This occupation is one that allows remote work as you will be responsible for the same things you’d do in an office – provide clients with legal assistance and advice.

The responsibilities of a remote legal advisor, aside from providing support in legal issues, also include reviewing legal material, structuring solutions for issues and drafting legal documents.


13. Online Tutor and Online Teacher

Cash in your diploma or a certificate as an online tutor.

Help students understand different subjects using the internet, computers, and online tools.

Also, note that there is a difference in online jobs such as online tutoring and online teaching.

Being an online teacher provides you with an opportunity to instruct and educate students of all ages all around the world.

On the other hand, online tutoring provides learning support with a subject that the student is being taught by a teacher.


14. Pet Sitter

Work From Home Jobs For Women

Working from home and caring for animals is a dream come true for entrepreneurial animal-lovers.

If you have a yard and your pets are not jealous of the company, you can offer to care for other pets while their owners are away for work or travel.

Moreover, you can evolve your pet-sitting job by offering pet grooming services.

Not only will you take care of pets’ hygiene, but you can enhance their physical appearance for shows and wow the judges and audience with your skills.


15. Product Tester

Marketing companies hire product reviewers whenever a new product is about to go on the market.

Needed mainly, but not exclusively in the cosmetics industry, product testers enjoy many benefits.

Apart from working from home, they get to use the products for free before they even hit the shelves.

Start simply by creating an account on a product testing website.

However, to start an independent product reviewing career, choose your favourite niche, create a review website or channel, and build subscribers.


16. Public Relations Representative

Working as a remote PR is possible!

Your duties would include forming new and maintaining existing relationships with the press representatives, managing incoming media queries, creating content for press releases and byline articles, and track metrics to measure campaign effectiveness, and all that from your home office.


17. QA or Website Tester

Work From Home Jobs For Women

In this line of work from home jobs, employees are performing automated and manual tests to ensure the software created by developers works as intended.

While website testers primarily test and monitor websites and web applications on multiple devices, QA testers typically scan a certain program or service for bugs and issues.

Their aim, in general, is to help fix the digital product before it is released to the wider public.


18. Recruiter

As a work-from-home recruiter, you can easily complete tasks just as an office-based recruiter would.

The job requires you to source candidates through social media and databases, conduct online interviews, and fill the paperwork.

Design and implement the company’s recruiting strategy per employment legislation straight from your home office.


19. Remote Office Assistant

Work From Home Jobs For Women

A job of a virtual assistant is to perform different administrative tasks, with the help of communication tools like Skype.

You can expect to manage a contact list and answer emails and calls, schedule meetings and organize managers’ calendars, and book travel and accommodations.

For this position, you need a strong Internet connection, valid experience, and excellent communication and time management skills.


20. Search Engine Evaluator

If you have ever done any comprehensive research on the internet, you have likely noticed that Google doesn’t always provide the relevant results.

Your task as a search engine evaluator is to analyze search results and ensure their relevancy.

It implies that you need knowledge of computers and the internet to conduct research and provide the feedback necessary to evaluate the relevance of the search results and usefulness of result pages.


21. SEO Specialist

AΒ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist is responsible for content strategy, link building and keyword strategy to increase website rankings on all major search engines.

As search engine optimization constantly changes, so an SEO specialist needs to continuously learn and grow.

SEO specialists can manage all search engine optimization and marketing activities from their homes as this job allows for telecommuting.


22. Short-Term Renter

Work From Home Jobs For Women

If you are a hospitable, tidy, have an entrepreneurial spirit and have a room or property for rent, consider becoming a short-stay host.

Aside from simply providing bed and breakfast, you would be responsible for cleaning, maintenance, safety, marketing, and finances including taxes, fees, and utilities.

Additionally, for a more passive income, consider renting your vehicle whenever you’re not using it.


23. Social Media Manager

Social media marketing tools and communication platforms allow social media managers to work from home.

They take care of the company’s social media marketing and advertising and are responsible for the company’s social media strategy.

If planning, implementing, managing and monitoring to increase brand awareness, improve marketing, and boost sales is what drives you, then this remote work is for you.


24. Stylist

Work From Home Jobs For Women

Being a remote stylist means to employ your good taste in clothing and accessories.

Among other things, your job would be to recommend perfect combinations to your clients.

Whether you decide to work for a specific brand, store, or as a freelance fashion stylist, you don’t have to leave your home.

Also, being active on social media and building a YT channel is a great way to reach new clients.

And get better work offers, too.


25. Telephone Triage Nurse

Telephone Triage Nurse

Licensed nurses that work in the field of telephone triage (also known as telehealth nursing and telepathology) are known as telephone triage nurses.

As a telephone triage nurse, you need excellent communication skills and the ability to listen to patients, assess their specific conditions promptly, and describe in simple words what type of care they may require.

Working night shifts is made less difficult by the fact you’d be working from home.


26. Travel Agent

Travel Agent

As a remote travel agent, you will work from your home office and help your customers book various travel services.

This is a great job for you if you enjoy helping clients find the best and most cost-effective routes to their work or vacation destination.

Your duties and responsibilities will include room and flight reservations, as well as car rental services, cruises, and tours.


27. Voice Actor

Work From Home Jobs For Women

Voice acting is one of the most interesting and fulfilling careers today considering flexible work hours, a spectrum of clients, and the ability to work from home.

Most voice actors do exactly that, using the internet and some basic recording equipment. Therefore, this becomes one of the top picks when it comes to work from home jobs for women.

Aside from the gear, having some acting experience, good diction, and recording and editing skills is a must.

However, you’ll have to be persistent and constantly hone your craft.

That is if you wish to land a broader range of jobs in this exciting but competitive industry.


28. Web Developer

Web Developer

If you are familiar with some of the programming languages, you are likely already building your portfolio as a web developer.

As a freelance web developer, you will be responsible for the coding, design, and layout of the client’s website, working from wherever you wish, even your balcony.

Competitive paycheck makes this one of the most popular work from home jobs in the world.