The IT industry is one sector that has not gone out of demand even during the pandemic. Actually, firms are actively hiring new software engineer recruits for their IT support and development needs, albeit under new approaches. The traditional approach of hiring in-house talents has been severely affected due to the limited talent pool within nearby localities and the various quarantine restrictions. Hence, new hiring approaches that enable remote working for product development are gaining popularity.

Here is a deeper insight into some of the popular hiring approaches adopted by software development firms. 

Where Can Companies Find A Software Engineer?


Hiring In-House Developers 


Via networking 

IT employees usually make a job switch every 3 to 4 years. So, it would be easy to hire developers with the desired years of experience by networking among your existing professional circles.

Here are some ways to do that:

  • Ask for referrals from your professional network
  • Try to scout talents by attending tech events and conferences. Specialized events like PyCon, Java Day, and Framework days can also get you acquainted with experts from the respective fields.

Post your job on top job boards 

Many online job portals allow you to post your job offering and attract applications. You can use these platforms to search for the right talent for full time, part-time, and freelance positions as per your web application requirements.  Some of the popular job boards you can try out are: Indeed,

These platforms have inbuilt features that can let agile startups screen applicants, search for suitable candidates, and efficiently track the recruitment process.

More places to search for expert programmers

You can also use coding platforms and open source forums to scout for developers or a development process team.  Try checking out the following places:

  • Coding platforms like Github and HackerEarth, where you can view the coding capabilities of developers.
  • Look through technical blogs to identify candidates with sound technical knowledge in automation, CRM, blockchain, business intelligence, and other technologies, as well as communication skills.
  • You can conduct hackathons and coding contests in big data, Python, IoT, and Java, as a way to identify, reward, and recruit top programmers. 


Hiring Remote Developers For Software Development For Small Businesses


As mentioned earlier, remote working has been steadily growing in recent years, and the pandemic has sped up the need for virtual teams now more so than ever. Here are some ways you can recruit and set up remote teams for your custom development:


If you have a tech lead and only need to extend your current web development team, a good option is outstaffing. Outstaffing is a convenient alternative as the responsibility for hiring and managing the software development team will be completely taken care of by your software development service provider.

As a non-technical organization, you can focus your energies on bettering your business operations and leave the rest of the organizational work to your development partner. You only have to assign the application development tasks through your tech lead, and your remote developer will deliver the results.

This presents a highly flexible hiring model. You can also hire engineers at lower rates, get access to any team member, and have full control over development. This helps you streamline your workflow.

Hiring remote development team – outsourcing 

In the outsourcing mode of recruitment, you entrust the entire software solutions project to an offshore development company that takes care of all the business processes as your development partner. You will have little communication with the actual web app development team, unlike the outstaffing model where your technical lead will constantly communicate with the development team.

You can use an outsourcing partner for hiring an entire dev team, including the project manager, QA, designer, and engineers.

Hiring Freelance Developers 

When you have a short-term SaaS or eCommerce development task, the easiest and cost-effective way is to hire a freelancer. The platforms such as Upwork and Toptal can be effectively used to search for candidates and invite applications to your jobs.


Hiring Via Specialized Hiring Platforms 


Using specialized hiring platforms gives you the best of both outsourcing and outstaffing. You get all the benefits of both outsourcing and outstaffing in addition to safe hiring options, as all candidates in these platforms will be better thoroughly.

A good example is the YouTeam marketplace, where you can find software engineer profiles, offshore software development companies, and verified IT, service providers. This model is the safest option as it avoids any risks while providing the benefits of low cost and quality work you would expect from remote teams.

Wrap Up

While the IT talent pool is huge, it takes a lot of effort to hire the right talents who can best fit your needs and assist you in mobile app custom software development services. Remote teams help you overcome the geographical limitations and give you access to a wider range of developers and software engineers worldwide.  Remember to choose vetted professionals to work for you as quality and on-time delivery are paramount to any software product’s success.