Being around nature gives a certain vibe–live and enjoyable. Unfortunately, you cannot always live in the middle of nature doing tree planting and all those activities, especially when you are in the middle of a concrete jungle – a city. That does not mean you cannot turn your abode into a nature-inspired one. Living in a condo is particularly challenging due to the limited space available for bringing nature in.

Don’t fret, though, because below is a list of ways to integrate nature inside your condo.

1) Put plants and flowers anywhere possible

The corners and window sills are your best bet. But you can experiment with this, putting fresh accents anywhere possible such as the bedside or bathroom to make it look and feel like a spa. Choose plants that thrive in humid environments.


2) Create a green wall

If not vertical gardens, a green wall is your next option. And the good thing about this is you can put it in your living room. It’ll be a refreshing addition for sure. A green wall inside the kitchen is also possible with a vertical herb garden.


3) Put an aquarium

Nature is not just about plants, but also oceans. Any water element such as an aquarium inside the home would scream nature. If not the actual aquarium, you may commission an artist to create a 3D art on the wall or floor. It can be a creek or any animal or plant that reminds you of the beauty of the outdoors.


4) Create a balcony garden

The balcony is usually a dead spot, but you can turn it into a messy jungle. Either a vertical garden or pots in varying sizes will do. Choose containers that complement the shapes and materials of one another. Pots taller than four inches are the best ones.


5) Put potted succulents

Empty corners are best filled with space-spacing succulents. Other than their cuteness, these are perfect plants for forgetful condo owners. Succulents can tolerate all levels of neglect.


6) Place a terrarium

On the table, or in display cabinets or bookshelf. Anywhere exposed is an ideal place for a small terrarium that can also be your passion project.


7)Β Use botanical prints.

Don’t limit your options. Botanical prints are a good option too to bring pops of green or earth color into your condo. They come in a variety of styles that suit every type of interiors. With this, you need not to worry about having a green thumb or not.


8) Place natural-printed wallpapers

Printed wallpapers are a good choice as well to satisfy your craving for nature. New technologies pave the way for high-quality printed designs that contribute to a more immersive experience. If not a wallpaper, your next choice is to put framed images of plants or dried flowers.


9) Use natural materials

Not just plants, you can also use wood and stone materials to go with the overall nature-inspired theme. Any material that is normally found outdoors can be made part of the condo’s interiors, not just as features.

For instance, unique natural textures such as bamboo or cork floors add a nice touch and a more noticeable and prominent one at that. The same goes for using rattan furniture pieces and accessories such as rattan hammock.


10) Change the usual setting

Speaking of a hammock, you can turn your bed into a hammock so you can relax fully without sacrificing your love for nature. Or, a swing dining table as a way to have some fun while eating.


11) Let natural light in

One easy way to bring nature in is letting natural light inside your condo. Simply, keep the large windows open during the daytime. This should do the trick. If possible, install a few skylights.

Natural and organic interiors are very appealing nowadays. However, bear in mind that you live inside a residential building that comes with restrictions. You have to talk to the condo association if ever you want to introduce changes to your unit.

Virtually all condominium managements protect the facade of the building for maintaining its curb appeal. Anything that deviates from the design protocols is not allowed, so it would be wise to ask their permission first.