After working hard to get good grades and dealing with the stress of exams, the last thing you need is to fret over how to calculate GPA. I had a moment like this in university, after finals and my grades came in, my brain was so exhausted, and trying to get my GPA was like trying to fly.

Luckily, I had a good friend who sent me the link below, and let’s just say we are still pretty good friends. Check out the link but read along to get some great tips on calculating your GPA for applying to new schools.Β 


Top Apps For Calculating Your GPA

1. Take control of the numbers and learn

Like most students, you’re probably worried about keeping your score as high as possible, but if you don’t know how to calculate it, you won’t know how to keep it where it is or improve it. Find an app that teaches you how GPA calculation works and how you can calculate it to take control of your score.Β 

By understanding how the calculation works, you can set attainable goals on how to improve your score and by how much. If you know how the GPA score is found, then you can set a goal based on how you’re currently doing.

You can find an app that will help you figure out how to calculate GPA by semester and your overall GPA score. That way you can figure out what it is depending on whether you need to combine or if you need to be able to calculate the difficulty of your classes in addition.Β 

If you are frustrated with having less than a stellar GPA score, then download an app that gives you the ability to understand and calculate your total GPA.

If you have a goal in mind for your score, then find an app that helps you understand how the calculation works so you can figure out how to improve and set goals for different classes.


2. Recognize the good from the bad and where to aim

Are you unaware of what a good or bad score is? Find an app that teaches you how to calculate a good GPA score and what that means for your actual GPA score. By knowing what your own GPA score is, you can strive to improve on it and where these improvements can come from.

If you are finishing high school or your bachelor’s in college and worried about your GPA and getting to the next education level, you should find an app that explains what a good GPA score looks like.

You might have your GPA average, but if you don’t know what that score means, you need to find an app that will explain it to you. Once you know what it means, then you can have clarity about where you need to improve and how much.Β 

Whether you’re in intermediate school or at UT in Austin, your GPA is important and you want it to be a good score. A must-have app is one that identifies a good score from a bad one so you know exactly where you are at on the scale so you know where to focus your goals and if you need to find better ways to study.


3. Converting GPA scores

If you don’t live in the U.S you may need a GPA calculator that calculates between grading scales of other countries. So if you live in Japan or the U.K, you will need to use their conversion calculators. If you have an app that has multiple conversion scales you can understand their differences.

If you live outside but want to go to college in the U.S, a conversion GPA calculator is incredibly beneficial to help you learn about both grading systems and the differences of each. Percentages are also helpful information when you are searching for an app that provides a GPA conversion calculator.Β 

No matter what score you want to set for your goals, you need to understand where your current score is so you know where your starting from. Finding an app that explains all parts of your score, including the plus and minus in terms of your score, can be as important as the score number itself.Β 



Figuring out your GPA score and where you want it to be shouldn’t feel like another class. Use these useful tips and find the best calculator for your needs. Don’t waste valuable studying time on trying to figure out your score on your own, get an app to make your life easier and get you on track to reach your goals.Β