What Is Web Designing?

Web means Website. A website is a collection of pages of a single domain name. The process of creating, visualizing, developing and maintaining the Website is called website designing. Β Website Designing includes the process of planning, designing, developing, launching and at last maintaining.

In the present E-Commerce world, web designing is playing the most important role. Every company, business, offices or small organizations also have their websites which contain colors, images, content, font all overview of their work.

We can see online sites for shopping. If we select Amazon.com. Pages which we will see of different products like toys, dresses, electronics etc. Every criterion has its own page personality. The main use to create websites in HTML and CSS. If you want the best web designers in Indore raletta technology is the best option.



HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It helps in creating web pages and web applications. Everything which you see on the website is written with the help of HTML. HTML is the backbone of websites because it gives the main structure to websites.Β 



IT stands for Cascading Style Sheets it gives the presentation and looks to the website. Without CSS HTML is worthless because CSS gives the skin to HTML with use of size, fonts, colors, language, and images.



Who is a Web Designer?

A web designer is a person who overlooks on the website. He is both creative and technical. Β The main role is to give style and layout to the page. He or she has to maintain it keep a check on the no trouble in the website. He has complete knowledge of every functional area related to websites. His main work is to create the best appearance of the site.



Different Areas Of Web Designing

  • Interface Design: Design which is done for the machines and software like home appliances, mobiles, computers or other electronic devices. The main motive is to attract users to websites in a simple and attractive way.
  • Proprietary software: Software which you develop for yourself or give responsibility to others to develop it under contract in proprietary. In simple words, any software made under legal rules or commercially is proprietary software.
  • User Experience Design: It is also called UX. It helpsΒ in donating the things done on websites like we have color, fonts, images etc. on a website so UX will tell why it is like that? What is the use? For which purpose we are using that?
  • Web Graphic Design: Graphic Designing is the combination and creation of font, text, images, and symbols for the formation of a website. Designer use typography, visual arts, and page layout.
  • SEO Analyst: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization it is done for ranking of the website on search engine. After designing a website SEO analyst looks at the ranking and popularity of those websites. In simple words, their job is to make website top on the search engine.


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