Undoubtedly, social media marketing will regain its lost momentum in the post-COVID-19 era.

Even in the COVID-19 era, social applications are witnessing a rapid rise in its download.

For instance, in March 2020, TikTok was the most downloaded platform on the App Store.

Thus, people are getting increasingly glued to social media platforms.

Because people opine that no other entertainment medium can provide entertainment as offered by social platforms.

So social media marketing is always ready for the post-COVID 19 era.

However, the overall marketing and not just social media marketing will undergo any change according to its characteristics.

The landscape of social applications changes with the advent of new technologies.Β 


Brands Should Empathize With Customers

Post-COVID 19 brands should treat their customers with care because people have managed to survive a pandemic.

At present, people are in tough times in all aspects, both financially and mentally.

The lives of people are at stake now.

So even if the pandemic comes to an end, people will look for moral support to get back to normal life.

Hence, brands should frame their social media platforms in such a way that it could spread positive vibes among the viewers.

Such posts will rejuvenate people and give hope towards life.

Moreover, having such an approach towards customers will build a good image for the brands among people, which will help in the long run.

So, once the pandemic gets over, brands should show their concern for their customers through their posts.

Since all the major social platforms have a massive user base, brands will be keen on reaching their customers through it.

So, when normal life returns, social platforms will also turn into a significant commercial medium for brands to gain new customers and to develop their business.Β Β 


How Should Brands Approach People Post COVID-19?

How Social Media Marketing Will Play a Major Role Post COVID-19

Today, all the major brands are connected with their customers personally.

They have access to at least the email address of the customers.

Emails are always regarded as a perfect medium to communicate with a customer personally.

Moreover, they are known for tightening the bond with the customer, which helps in the long run.

So, brands will most possibly look to collect the email addresses of the new prospects they get on social platforms.

Because post-COVID-19, it will remain hard to find potential buyers as it takes a certain period of time for businesses to return to normalcy.

So, approaching a prospect through emails has its benefit.

It can also be utilized for official purposes and helps a marketer to kick-start a conversation with a prospect.

Moreover, the conversation will help a marketer largely in assessing whether a prospect is potential or not.

So, social platforms will be used as a tool to get in touch with a prospect personally.Β Β Β 


Take Advantage of Social Messaging Platforms

Brands can leverage social messaging platforms in the best possible to develop a conversation with prospects and customers.

Because the financial level of people is undergoing a dramatic change during COVID-19 times since a consistent number of people have lost jobs.

Hence, brands should initiate talks with the customers to know their situation for which social messaging platforms can also be capitalized.

Facebook Messenger has an enormous user base of up to 1.2 billion users, which is only expected to rise in the coming years.

On average, people spend 20 minutes on social messaging platforms every day.

So you can go with these messaging platforms without any second thought if you want to reach out to an audience.

Rather than talking about business, show them that you care about them the most and wish them for their future endeavors.Β 

Frame a post that speaks that the customer has survived the pandemic successfully.

Send the post through Messenger and congratulate him on a happy well being.Β 

Because most probably posts sent through messaging platforms will be opened, whereas posting on your company’s social media page may not get into the feed of your prospect.

So messaging platforms can be leveraged the best possible way to get in touch with people and to have a better understanding of them.

Thus, social platforms will be inevitable post-pandemic and will turn much more crucial.

So, if you aim to get back to your regular business, take advantage of the messaging platforms.

People are also pleased with the conversational approach of the brands.

It helps people to pour out their thoughts and their desire from a brand. So having a conversation with the customer through the social platform will surely avail of considerable benefits to you.Β Β Β Β 


Leverage Stories Section To Launch Offers and Freebies

How Social Media Marketing Will Play a Major Role Post COVID-19

To rebuild the brand value post-pandemic, brands have to step down and provide offers and freebies to the customers.

However, brands can leverage the stories section of Facebook and Instagram due to their higher engagement rate.

You may bring modifications to your products or even reduce your product cost to drive customers.

The posts you make regarding the changes can be posted on Facebook and Instagram stories rather than making it a standard post.

Making such measures will make your post reach the maximum number of your followers.

During the tough times of pandemic, people are undergoing financial issues due to which they confined their purchases to only essentials.

This has led to a break in the contact between the brands and customers.

So, post-pandemic, you should remind people about the existence of your brand.

Hence, make posts frequently on the stories section relevant to your company and products, due to its higher engagement rate.Β Β Β Β Β Β 


The Way COVID-19 Fueled Up The Social Sales

The pandemic has made people lead their lives within four walls for months.

Since social sales are already increasing at a fast pace, the outbreak of pandemic has fuelled it further.

People refrain from reaching out to shops directly and begin to make their every single purchase online.

Thus, people who show less interest in making online purchases are promoted to do it.

Many such people are now used to the ‘comfort’ of online shopping.

Hence, Facebook Marketplace and Instagram Shops are expected to get many more updates sooner to enhance the user experience.

All the leading brands will have a majority of their business on the social platforms much before they expect.

Since many new social platforms are turning into a massive hit among people nowadays, you should also have your presence in those platforms to sustain your business and gain new customers.Β 


Generate Leads Through Contests

Generate Leads Through Contests

Contests are always considered to be an effective tactic to enhance brand awareness in a short time.

It also leads to constructing a strong bond with the customer.

So, going with contests will help you to grab the attention of many people at ease.

The prize money you announce for the contests is the driving factor that encourages many people to participate.

Announce the price of enormous value, which will facilitate in achieving your mission of enhancing your brand reach.

So, you should consider adding contests as part of your campaigns, which will remind your brand to people and also helps in gaining new leads.Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β 


Brands Regain Their Trust Through Influencers

Influencer marketing will become a much more crucial post-pandemic in social media marketing.

Brands will be prompted to collaborate with influencers to construct their image and enhance their business.

Since the influencers are widely known for their authenticity among people, brands will aim to rebuild their image by capitalizing on the influencers.

However, it will take a specified period for the economy to get back to normal, so no matter how compelling your promotion is, you won’t get a considerable return.

So, don’t spend lavishly on the influencers as they are charging much in the present scenario.Β 

Going with the micro-influencers will be an ideal move as they don’t cost much.

Collaborate with the one who easily correlates with your brand tone.

This will help you to ideate campaigns for the influencers quickly.

The success of influencer marketing entirely relies on the characteristics of the influencer chosen by you.

So, choose a reliable influencer and frame campaigns that could elevate the reach of your brand.

Since everyone from start-ups and mid-level businesses to globally renowned brands is going with influencers, you should be wiser in choosing the one.Β Β 


The Emergence of New Social Media Platforms During Pandemic

The Emergence of New Social Media Platforms During Pandemic

Businesses will use social platforms as an effective medium to gain the trust of people.

Social platforms are the home to 1.2 billion people through which brands can reach many people.

No other entertainment medium has such an enormous user base like social applications.

So, brands will promote their posts vigorously due to which Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok will become more competitive.

Due to this, many businesses will lookout for new ways to promote their brands.

Subsequently, this will make companies move towards other social platforms like Helo, Likee, and Vigo.

These new social platforms are witnessing a consistent rise in their user base, evolving into a new marketplace for brands to promote their products.

Since people spend a large part of their time inside their homes during this pandemic, the internet is their only time killer.

They are exploring new platforms to satiate their thirst for entertainment.Β 

In a survey conducted in the past April, it was found that 47% of Generation Z and Millenials have started using a new social platform during the times of pandemic.

Thus, a handful of new social applications are witnessing an increase in its user base.

So, if you feel that leading social platforms like Facebook and Instagram seem to be more competitive, you can try these newly emerging social platforms to generate leads.Β 


Final Thoughts

World countries, including the USA and Russia, have noted that the vaccine for Corona will be out in the market by February 2021.

From that time, it will take at least six months to restore normalcy in the world economy.

In the meantime, social platforms may have updates and provide an entirely new experience to the users.

However, undoubtedly social media marketing platforms will become much more crucial and turn into a significant medium for businesses even after the pandemic gets over.Β