In the past few years, the world has witnessed numerous entrepreneurs succeeding in their business ventures and reach great heights in terms of audience catering as well as financial benefits.Β 

All this has been possible due to the discovery and extensive use of the internet as well as digital platforms of various sorts that have created numerous opportunities like selling platforms in India and abroad.Β 

The main thing that has been made possible is the connectivity of consumers and sellers across the globe without earlier hassle like the consequences of long distances.Β 

There have been so many changes that the world has seen in recent years owing to the use of the internet and social media and one of those changes has also been the growth and development of startups.




Due to factors still unknown, the world has seen numerous startups and small businesses come up in the past few years. Maybe the reason is that more and more people are trying to live a more fulfilling life when it comes to their career and do something that really matters to them.Β 

The invention of the internet was a big step in the growth of the world and it has brought about many changes. Students are more aware of the world, people can learn new skills at the comfort of their homes and apply them in their daily lives, people are becoming more connected with each other no matter the distance between them.Β 

A few of these developments have also led to new business models being created and even bizarre ideas for new startups. Some of these startups have become extremely successful and have a large number of consumers. Famous examples are Uber and Swiggy.Β 

Small businesses and some homegrown brands and setups are also doing a great job thanks to selling platforms in India and various other ways that they can connect with the right audience and market their products or services.Β 

Even though it seems like a fascinating life to own a startup and manage its functioning in all aspects or grow a small business from home, there are in fact many things to keep in mind before taking this decision.Β 

In the case of startups, the value of the idea is worth more than anything else to start with. The problem is that many can come up with a similar idea and that can create competition in the market. The more original the idea, the better chances of it finding a great audience and becoming successful.Β 



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The modern world requires new ideas and concepts and people value this the most. If an idea is good enough, people may not mind paying a large sum of money to acquire the product or service, the only requirement being the reliability when it comes to the quality of a product and customer support in the case of service providers.Β 

If one has a great idea to start with, the following are some tips to follow for the growth of a startup or small business:

  • DIGITAL MARKETING: in today’s world, it’s all about being recognized. Digital media has taken over most aspects of our lives and it makes complete sense to advertise about your startup or brand on a platform that already has millions of users and people of all age groups and backgrounds who spend their time on these platforms.Β 


  • START SMALL: no matter the originality of one’s idea for a well-established business model, there is always a possibility of failing multiple times before reaching a stable financial state. It is always a good idea to start with the most basic absolutely necessary investment and try to focus on market presence before investing extravagantly.Β 

This is also true in the terms of working professionals hired. Try to make use of most of the resources available and hire multi-talented people willing to work in a changing and growing environment who can also bring more creativity into their work rather than a strict routine or set ways to approach work.Β 


  • STRATEGISE: make sure to take care of all external aspects that affect your business in any way and study their variations and how they work in the world.Β 


Small factors can also make a huge impact on the growth of a startup or new business so knowing and planning beforehand is always a good idea. Also, make sure to be ready for minor or even major changes that may affect the brand and navigate through them with your knowledge and skill.