Being a student isn’t easy as it is. Studies take up lots of time and effort and require much mental labour. This will vary based on your field of study, of course, but no field is a walk in the park. Still, expenses are also inevitable. Tuition fees, books, equipment, even commute times and clothes – education comes with monetary costs. Add the potential need to contribute to one’s household expenses in the mix, or worse yet, sustaining a household or even a dormitory, and it becomes vital to have some source of income. From basic expenses like electricity and water to essential student utility expenses like internet, bills are unavoidable.  With studies taking up a considerable portion of your day, then, a full-time job may be out of the question. Full-time jobs tend to require much more time than a student can afford to invest, and they very often demand your physical presence – adding commute times to the scale. Part-time jobs, on the other hand, seem to be the ideal compromise. Most part time jobs for students only require a reasonable amount of time, and many can be carried out from home.

They may not pay as well as full-time jobs, with few outstanding exceptions, but many will be more than enough for a student’s needs.

Part Time Jobs For Students

What’s more, with booming industry of internet-based jobs, remote work is now a very real, viable option.

Remote work will suffice to cover your expenses, all while being flexible and convenient. Some will require some expertise in their fields but many won’t, making them an ideal source of some modest income.

Some will also need more specialized equipment, but for most, you will only need a fast internet connection and a computer or laptop to get started.

So with that said, let us explore some ideal part time jobs for students!


1. Fiverr gigs

Starting with what’s probably the most open employment option, students can take up Fiverr gigs as a part-time job.

Since Fiverr is much closer to a freelance job than traditional part time jobs for students, let’s begin by explaining what it is and how exactly it works.


What it is

Fiverr is the largest forum in the world, and has been ranked as the #1 website for freelancers.

It enables the exchange of services, dubbed as “gigs”, for money, providing one of the largest platforms for freelance employment.

Part Time Jobs For Students
The internet has created many opportunities for part time jobs for students.

At its core, it’s a service auction platform.

Users can set up free accounts and create “gigs” – lists of services they can provide and what they ask for them.

The platform then allows buyers to search through “gigs” and find the one that best suits their needs and budget.

Sellers can also search through buyer requests and send proposals and service offers.

When a match is made through, either way, the buyer and the seller come in contact through the site’s messaging platform to arrange the transaction.

The range of services that can be bought and sold on Fiverr is practically limitless; from simple voice and music recordings and graphic design to editing videos or proofreading texts, anything that can be done remotely can be offered.

One may find clients ranging from fellow students in need of advice to professional relocation companies such as – it is a truly vast marketplace.

That is not to say that this variety of services may render the site unsafe, by any means.

The site has existed since 2010 and has a strict code of conduct that protects both buyers and sellers. 


What you’ll need

In terms of equipment, the basics you’ll need are a computer or laptop and a fast internet connection.

In terms of personal skills, the basics are internet knowledge and computer skills.

However, since the product you’ll be selling is services, you will also need anything and everything that helps you offer what you want to sell.

If you want to sell recordings of bass lines or guitar riffs, you will need recording equipment and software and bass or guitar respectively.

If you want to sell proofreading services, you will need some text document reading software, such as Office – and such extensions as Grammarly can also help.

Or, if you want to offer video editing or graphic design services you’ll need software and equipment that allows you to perform those services.  

If your services don’t require anything specific or specialized, your computer will suffice – but that doesn’t need to be the case.

Any skill you have can be put to use, and equipment specific to your skill will help you earn that much more money.


What you’ll earn

Speaking of earnings, then, Fiverr doesn’t come with a fixed income.

Individual transactions used to be 5$ each, but now there is no price limit.

So you could make anywhere from ₹100 to over ₹220000 per gig, with reports claiming even higher numbers – upwards of ₹1000000, for that matter.


2. Freelance work and

Much like Fiverr, offers a platform where services can be bought and sold.

It is likewise a freelance endeavour, not a traditional job – but as far as part time jobs for students go, this might actually be preferable.


What it is

As the name suggests, is a platform for freelancers. It provides a space where services can be bought and sold through bidding, offering safeguards similar to Fiverr throughout the process.

Unlike Fiverr, however, it doesn’t require that you set up “gigs”; you simply create your profile, and showcase samples of your work in a gallery if you wish.

Luckily, setting up an account is free, and filling out your profile and gallery is quite easy.

Part Time Jobs For Students

The site offers a search function, where you can look up what services buyers are looking for.

You can then bid on the projects you’re interested in, and buyers will contact you through the site’s own messaging platform.

It is noteworthy that it’s not necessarily the lowest bidders who win the bids; much like Fiverr, buyers are looking for quality services first and foremost, not just affordable ones.

Lastly, much like Fiverr and other such sites, the range of services that can be bought and sold is vast.

For this reason, has a strict set of terms and conditions.

It closely monitors the discussions that take place on its messaging platform and will terminate any unlawful interactions or ones that breach its terms of service.

This guarantees safety for both buyers and sellers, providing a secure transaction platform.


What you’ll need

Same as above, the minimum requirements to use are a fast internet connection, a computer or laptop, and some personal internet and computer skills.

Of course, as with all freelance work, that’s the minimum – you should also take note of what you need to provide your services.

If you intend to sell handcrafted items through its gallery, for example, you will also need crafting materials and relevant equipment.

Even if you intend to be a freelancer outside of the site, you will need anything and everything that relates to your service or product.

Therefore, for such endeavours to be an efficient substitute for a part-time job for students, it is highly advisable to choose services that cost little to provide but can be sold for a decent price.

Think of virtual assistance and consultation, for example – which will be analyzed below.


What you’ll earn

What you earn will be directly proportional to how long and how hard you work, and how well you learn to use the site.

It will depend on your type of service, how much you will charge for each transaction, and how many projects you work on.

As a point of reference, you can still likely earn anywhere from ₹100 to over ₹200000 per project, but realistically you should likely aim for a very modest ₹30000 a month.

You can likely do so without extreme effort – and if you choose to offer less specialized services and invest a moderate amount of time, you will ensure that your studies don’t fall behind.


3. Virtual assistance

Becoming a virtual assistant is likely much closer to traditional part time jobs for students, and it does come with more specific schedules and duties.

What’s more, it also doesn’t come with fierce competition and doesn’t require constant market research.


What it is

A very typical part-time job at its core, being a virtual assistant comes with the usual responsibilities of being an assistant – except it’s from the comfort of your home.

As a virtual assistant, your typical duties will include the following;

  • Answering emails
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Creating PowerPoint presentations

Then, depending on your employer, you may also need to perform other services such as updating CRMs and maintaining logs – but that’s strictly up to your skills and the employer’s needs.

Part Time Jobs For Students
An assistant’s job can now be done remotely, from the comfort of one’s home.

The distinct advantage of being a virtual assistant instead of a traditional one lies in it being remote work.

Such sites as the above, as well as Upwork, Naukri, Zirtual, MonsterIndia, and others, offer ample opportunity to work for companies around the globe.

In turn, this also means more chances to be employed by international employers and companies, which may pay more than local ones.


What you’ll need

As with the above, the minimum you’ll need is a fast internet connection and a computer or laptop.

Then, depending on the employer, you may also need a Bluetooth headset and a mobile phone, and possibly a scanner and printer.

In terms of personal skills, you will need to have decent internet and computer skills.

Expertise with Office suite products, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and most notably Outlook and PowerPoint, will also be vital.

Most employers will list such skills as job requirements, to begin with, so it’s best to come prepared.


What you’ll earn

While exactly how much you’ll earn depends on your employer and your working hours, virtual assistants generally have respectable salaries.

You can realistically expect to work 2 to 4 hours a day, making up to ₹1000 an hour.

You can thus theoretically earn up to ₹50000 a month, perhaps, even more, depending on your arrangements.

If you’d rather invest less time and effort to ensure you don’t fall behind on your studies, you can likely easily ensure you earn some ₹30000 a month.


4. Consultation

Becoming a consultant is far more specialized than all of the above options, so it does take some more research in advance.

It requires a specific skillset and may thus not be ideal for many students, but it does offer high earnings and can even become a full-time job in the future.


What it is

Regardless of the field, consultation is professional advice on any given topic or profession.

It is an expanding sector, which most organizations and companies will need.

And with the advent of the internet in recent decades, it has become ever easier to both offer and receives consultation services.

A woman sitting in a cafe with her laptop and books making notes.
Consultation can be a demanding job, but it will always be in demand.

It can be an appealing part-time job for students if they wish to work independently as freelance consultants.

The aforementioned sites can provide such opportunities, while consultation firms such as Mckinsey & Co. and Boston Consulting Group can offer full-time consultation employment. 


What you’ll need

In terms of equipment, what’s true for all options on this list applies; you’ll need a fast internet connection and a computer or laptop.

Then, depending on your field and employer, you may need additional specialized equipment.

In terms of personal skills, a freelance consultant only really needs internet skills and some certificate or proof of knowledge on their field.

No client or employer will want to receive advice from anyone who is not an expert on their field, and for good reason.

A full-time consultant working for a firm will, of course, need more qualifications; some firms prefer to employ MBA holders, for example, while others will require some diploma related to their field.


What you’ll earn

A full-time consultant’s salary will strictly depend on their employment arrangements but is generally very respectable.

As a part-time job for students, freelance consultation will also strictly depend on your skills, field, and clients – but you can generally expect anywhere from ₹10000 to ₹20000 per client for complete, quality service.

You can thus very easily earn a respectable ₹30000 a month with few clients, as long as you can offer quality services.  


Conclusion – more part time jobs for students

A professional woman showing thumbs up sign.

This is by no means an extensive list; there are many, many more options for part time jobs for students, many of which can guarantee a monthly salary of ₹30000.

You can consider online tuition, for example, if you have the skillset to provide such services.

You could consider much easier, but less high-earning, part-time jobs such as filling online surveys or watching paid to click ads on your computer. 

What can be said with certainty is that the internet provides ample employment opportunities.

The digital age has made it easier for students to find employment than ever before, and that’s a very welcome change.