Before we proceed to GST accounting software before that it’s important to know that what is GST and how it will help?


What is GST?

Goods and service tax (GST) is started on 1st July 2017. It is a new tax which is levied on the sales and purchasing of goods and services. Before there were many taxes levied by the central government or state government like excise, VAT, service, entertainment or many more, therefore, one tax introduced is GST. GST is introduced to discard all indirect taxes. GST has affected the whole market. In result, we got to know that After GST there is only one tax no other taxes are there like VAT, Service tax, excise duty or other taxes in India. This agenda was started from Modi Government β€œOne Tax One Nation”.


Now we will continue to GST accounting software.


How Merrchant Accounting Software will make your accounting process easy

Accounting is an important part of every business whether it is small business or company as it shows the stage of business as it is in profit or in losses. Accounting manages the whole financial management of an organization like expenditure, income, records, transactions etc. Moreover, accounting software is important in business to manage revenues and expenditure to know the growth of a business.

Your accounting software should have more features as compared to other software and give great results of business for this I will tell you to now why Merrchant should be your option for accounting management.


  • User-Friendly

Software should be easy in use and can be run by any non-techie person also. Merrchant is easy in use and have simple functions which can be learned and run by non technical person also and it is software which can be run by a big company and small organization CEO or co-owners or managers can also run if they don’t need to keep extra employee for this software or no need of wasting salary on employees.


  • Far and Wide

Merrchant accounting software has a new technology of Cloud. Traditional Accounting Software doesn’t have this new technology. Cloud helps you to store all information and files at one place for easy access from anyplace at any time. You can use merrchant from anywhere on the globe with simple steps of password verification.


  • Time Saver

As we all know time is precious and for running smooth business time management is must needed. Merrchant saves both time and money. No more tension during taxation. Along with time-saving it also give correct results, error-free results. It detects all the errors done by a human.


  • Accurate and Fast


  • Security is Priority

Security of data is the most important aspect our business have every information on profit, losses, revenues etc. Main measure safety we have to take that our data can’t be seen by everyone or displayed on online websites. Merrchant has launched after perfect research by their expertΒ team and it is safe and secure accounting software.


  • Reporting

Accounting of business deals with analyzing and reporting of a financial statement of credit, debit, profit or other reports. Maintaining record is major and tough part of the business so software helps in maintenance and good maintenance leads to no loss and growth of the business.Β  Merrchant accounting software makes your reports easy, efficient and effective.


  • Costing

As compared to other accounting software prices of Merrchant is less and the best thing about pricing is it is according to your need in software. Merrchant has three categories small enterprise, standard enterprise or power enterprise these categories have features according to use of business. There is no need to take costly one if you have a small business take as per your need.


Features of Merrchant Accounting Software

Merrchant Features

  • Book Keeping
  • Taxes
  • Corporate Connector
  • Wallet
  • Time Tracking
  • Project Management
  • Address Book
  • CRM
  • Intelligent Inventory
  • Expense Claim
  • Multi-Currency
  • Data Security
  • Data Encryption
  • HRM
  • Report
  • Cloud
  • Point of Sales
  • Point Of Sales
  • Tutorials
  • Subsidiaries
  • Tax E Fillings
  • User Roles
  • Banking


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