What do we understand from Life Cycle Of Website Designing?


It means the starting of the project from the initial stage to the creation stage and to the final stage which includes many phases and numerous steps. The main objective of this article is to explain the process of website designing.


  • Assembling of Information

It is the first step in website designing to collect information of website like the purpose of website, goals, targets, content. The main aim to collect information is to confirm that our website is fulfilling the need of the customer or not. Business Analyst will check all needed information is their or not if that information is satisfying the customer requirements then he or she will approve the project for further process.


  • Outlining

After gathering all the information its time to take it in the group for the planning of website. Without perfect planning, it’s not possible to know the strength and weaknesses of the project.

Planning tells us many important things about the project about project cost, equipment cost, practicality. It can be done in a few simple steps meeting with clients, clients requirements, collecting data. Β 


  • Designing and Development

Designing means the look and the feel of a website. In this most important thing is to target the main audiences and customer. It is an architecture of website which includes fonts, image, logo, content. The architect of the website will make two projects one is a high-level document which tells us that what sections will be there, how we will link sections or how we will implement it. Another one is low-level document include pages, blueprints, flowcharts, designs. The most important part is communication between you and web designer. Development means to give the final touch to the website through HTML and CSS. After the final look of the website, work is to collect the suggestions of the client to see that it is working functionally or not. Few steps for design and development are layout, prototype, coding, feedback.


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  • Examining or Promotion

It is part of testing a website and to know any technical issue or functional problems. All coding and documentation are working properly or not. To fix bugs or any other error.

After completing these criteria website final details are sent to SEOΒ  (Search Engine Optimization) who helps to promote the website in a search engine like Google, Bing, etc. with the help of title, content, tags. Main responsibilities are to make the website on high rank and famous.


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  • Maintenance and Repairs

    It is the last stage of the website design cycle. After passing all the stages website goes under maintenance. Only making a website is not the final step, Website should be updated daily according to the need of customers and regular information. To attract a customer or to bring new customers daily basic upgradate is a necessity for the life of a website.