Gaming laptops are cool. But their compactness comes with an issue as well which is the overheating. As compared to other laptops, this issue is worst in gaming laptops due to a powerful GPU inside powering your games. In Cheap gaming laptops, this issue becomes more severe.

But worry not, using few simple tricks you can keep your gaming laptop cool and prevent the over-heating.


Place it right

I know we all love to play games on our laptops while enjoying the comfort of our bed. Placing it on bed or pillow is not a good idea. The lap is the worst place to place your laptop.

Make sure you place your laptop somewhere its fans are getting enough room to maintain the airflow. Any blockage to the airflow of the laptop can prevent their proper functioning. A flat surface can be a good idea for your laptop.


Don’t paste stickers on Air Vents

Stickers are good. They are always cool to use especially on your gaming laptops. But be careful where you are applying them. Covering your whole laptop with armor style stickers is not a good practice.

To assure the proper ventilation of the air from the vents of the laptop, use them only where they don’t block the air. Mostly, the back side of the laptop is a good place to paste your stickers. Not on the sides or below the laptop where there are air vents.


Make Sure Fans are working

Proper functioning of the fans is vital to keep our laptop cool. They pull out the hot air from the important components of your laptop that’s why it is necessary to assure they’re proper maintenance.

Malfunctioning of the fans can be due to several reasons. Either it can the hardware or the software issue. Whenever your fan is not working, if you have an understanding of the laptop, check it by yourself or take it to some hardware shop. Don’t use the laptop without its fan not working properly.


Keep out Dust

Dust is the major cause of your laptop’s fan malfunctioning. Keep your laptop away from the dust. Make sure the place you are using it in is clean and tidy. Air cans are also a great way to clean your laptop if there is some dust already in it.

Using laptop on carpet can also cause the fan to stop working by sucking the fibers of the carpet and dust inside it. Making sure of placing the laptop on the flat surface, also clean your fan if you have used on it carpet.


Treat it well

Machines also need rest like humans. Don’t keep your laptop turned on for too much time. If you have a desktop and a laptop, try to shift between them and give some time to rest to other machines.

Turning on/off laptop every time is also not a good practice. You must not do this if you want to check your email or social media just for a few minutes and have to do that again as well.

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As much as over-heating depends on the hardware, it also depends on your habits to use the laptops. Follow the above guide to make sure your gaming laptop remains cool. If there is something you want to share with us, feel free to comment.