Top Ten Internship Job providers In Indore: Curated List

Many companies are offering an internship in Indore.

But if you want to reach great heights in an internet career, then working at the best internet companies in Indore will pave the way for you to reach your goal.

The domain of today’s market is diverse, every company deploys digital marketers and creative employees to make higher profits.

They say the first impression is the last, similarly, the first company you begin working at teaches you the way you look at your job in your entire career.

Most of the time, the skills in which you will be doing the internship won’t be relevant to your career, but the job will teach you the work ethic, hard work, problem-solving and develop the hard work habits which our grandparents had.

Success, happiness and stability is the result of a boring and mundane life, aggregated repetitive good tasks every day.

Life is like that game Hotel Tycoon, one day cannot make a difference, but a month can, a year can, they get compounded to a vast result.

Confused about how to move ahead with the job?

The answer is simple: Internship.

Yes, you’re an aspiring job seeker who wants to kickstart your career by doing an internship in Indore.

Check out these top companies in Indore proving an opportunity to push start your career with a daring internship, that will furnish you as a person by adding the age internet skills to your resume as well as open a new career path.


1. Raletta Technology

raletta officeBased in the centre of the city, just 2 kilometres away from Rajwada city centre of Indore, Raletta has one of the biggest and lavish offices in the city with a seating capacity of over 120 people.

Raletta was established in 2015 and a very short period it has outperformed nearly every tech company by growing at a tremendous pace and multi-folding it’s turnover every financial year.

Raletta, a company known for outclassing every competitor, though hires from only top colleges of India, but there’s nothing wrong with applying.

It is also known for its culture.

They believe in maintaining a work-life balance, to accomplish which they regularly host pool parties, office dance parties, and week employee engagement activities.

It’s a great place to make new friends, connect with people from different backgrounds, have a community to connect and chill within the city and have a great time.

Raletta has appeared on many popular platforms like TEDx, IndianExpress, Yourstory and ABP news.

Working at a startup comes along with a way more exposure to real-life problems than working at an MNC because here the C-suite is always available for the betterment of it’s an employee.

An employee in an MNC will be put into an automated system ruled by hierarchy, but here it’s not the case.

Raletta is known for its extraordinary infrastructure and facilities.

They are also very updated on their social media, have a look at it here.

Major feedback received from past employees is that “This company deals with things one at a time, like a ship captain, opens only one compartment at a time and closes all others to succeed at all of them. They believe that our brain creates our reality based on what we pay attention to. When we learn to manage and direct our focus, we can improve virtually every aspect of our lives.”

raletta pool partiesThey are currently offering internships in Digital marketing, Human Resource and Graphic Designing.

A stipend is not included and selection interviews are very tough to crack.

Once selected, it’s a door to a completely new career.

Over the years, Raletta has achieved major milestones.

We are the only IT company in Indore with its feet into E-commerce, Deep core coding, VFX and Digital Marketing.

Email for internships:


2. Infobeans

infobeans indore

Located at Crystal IT park at Khandwa road Indore, Infobeans is a deep tech company which, recently launched it’s Initial public offering (IPO) and managed to raise a whopping sum of ₹1100 crores from the share market.

Infobeans is a Microsoft Gold certified partner which mainly focusses on automation, product engineering, UI/UX, prototypes and application sustenance.

Infobeans also has offices in The United States, Dubai, Pune, Bengaluru, and The Czech Republic.

They believe that “Numbers, analysis, and facts are very important to make the right decisions in life. Planning, Cash Flow and Delegation are important for easy business management without stress. 1 hour of planning will save you 10 hours the next day. Similarly 1 month of planning will save 10 months and 1 year of planning will save 10 years. People like Mukesh Ambani believe in thinking, planning and strategizing. They leave the labor work to others. Once a system is created, it works automatically with minor supervision.”

Email id for jobs: (Infobeans Indore Location HR Email id for internships and jobs).


3. Hiteshi

Hiteshi TeamHiteshi is a place where you can find the country’s most energetic team of software developers that have changed the way we work by creating a flawless quality standard.

They are into Mobile solutions, Web solutions, UI/UX, QA solutions, Enterprise and Bigdata.

They also believe that staying vibrant is one of the most important characteristics of a successful business.

When you feel physically tired, rest.

When you feel mentally tired, do Pranayam, Yoga, Meditation and Outdoor sports. And when you feel emotionally tired, listen to music, pray or visit a temple.

Hiteshi also provides some great opportunities in Internship in Indore.

They have made a very engaging office culture and frequently celebrate festivals and achievements on a grandly.

They also conduct EBMS (EVERYBODY MEETINGS), where everyone from the CEO level, support staff to a janitor takes a seat.

Hiteshi Indore’s HR Email id:


4. Yash Technologies

yash technologies indore

Yash technologies is a multi-national company with offices around the globe.

Headquartered in Bengaluru, Yash technologies have broken all records of expansion and growth one can expect from a couple of decades-old company.

Yash provides implementation and support of major technologies like SAP and Oracle Net-suite.

They have an excellent rating of 4.8 out of 5, which says a lot about their excellence in itself.

They believe in Game of expansion: Always copy-paste what is already working. And never be aggressive about new ideas. Just make small experiments, if they work, expand like a rockstar. Expansion is a great ladder to the riches, but only when you have created the first copy from the ground up. 

Scaling is everything in business. How they turned a simple service company into a big company is an inspiration.

Though they have a Walkin interview process for Internship in Indore at the Crystal IT park office, you can also email your resume to them at


5. Impetus

impetus new office bicholi indore

Impetus is a behemoth of success and opportunity.

With their newly built office building in the Bicholi area of Indore.

They employ more than 1200 employees in the Indore city itself.

Most of their clients are top-notch MNC like Barclays Bank and Major Airlines.

Started in the 2000s, they are again a story of unlimited human achievement.

Impetus was started in our foodie city Indore only, and still have their headquarters at their initial office building in Palasia AB road with name Sharda house.

Similar to other MNCs they have 5 working day week, having Saturday and Sunday off.

Impetus is a brand that has driven innovation for many years.

They have given top-notch tech support to thousands of clients and helped them reach their goals.

Their products and services are very and too technical for you to understand at this age (assuming you’re a student who is looking for an internship in Indore).

They hold a massive presence in various domains such as Bigdata, Cloud and Banking.

They believe that “The rapidity and pace at which we forget something is astonishing. We need to remind ourselves regulary. Open the old books and read highlights. Just reading is not enough, the application (doing work) will register these rules in our minds. We humans forget the things we don’t practice regularly.”

Though their HR email IDs are not publicly available, they do provide some quality internships in Indore.

You can approach them directly calling them on their support numbers +91 7314269300 and +91 7314069989.


6. Diaspark

Diaspark indoreDiaspark, located at RTO road Indore, will give you the true corporate feel.

It is a major US staffing company with a hand in other IT services as well.

Diaspark also has a strong presence in the ERP industry for Diamond retailers.

Diaspark has been into IT business for the last two decades, owners have a history of creating rock-solid success stories like Naidunia Newspaper, Jaipur Jewelers, Labhganga Convention center, Abhayprashal Auditorium, Health Clubs and Webdunia technology company.

Touching annual turnover of more than ₹300 crores (10 times of that of Infobeans), Diaspark is a Mega company.

They also have offices situated in the USA and many other countries outside India.

Getting into Diaspark is tough, but once you make it through their doors, be it as an Intern, definitely expect to get a job offer with a premium salary if you can work to their standards.

Their work culture is very light and friendly.

The company has more than 1000 Employees in Indore, having its campus built at the heart of the city, that too in acres, it’s one of a kind company.

They believe that “In business, product quality, attention and customer satisfaction are everything. Make a great product, reach out to as many as you can, make some serious noise with your marketing efforts, and then follow it with great customer satisfaction. Retain as many customers as you can. References and repeat orders are what differentiates good businesses from great ones.”

Diaspark is known for providing higher than market salaries to keep its employees motivated and creative.

They are also into mobile app development, web development, and tech support services.

You can submit your application for getting an Internship in Indore at Diaspark here.


7. CSC, Indore

Csc Indore

CSC is a Multi-National Corporation having its offices located around the globe. Indore is one lucky city close by CSC as one of its offices in central India.

If you’re looking for an Internship in Data-science, this is a place you should apply to.


8. Walkover

walkover indore

In just 10-12 years, Walkover technologies’ product MSG91 has become India’s one of the major transactional SMS provider.

They claim to be sending crores of messages every day for their clients across the nation.

Their clients include companies listed in NIFTY.

Walkover is located at Old-Palasia road of Indore city, near the Anand Bazaar market.

They are very aggressive about launching new and creative products.

They recently launched a cloud accounting software with name Giddh.

You can contact them on for job-related queries.

They are providing internships in the management field.

You can ping them for the latest updates about the openings and vacancies.


9. Webigility

NRK business park

Located at the posh NRK business park, Webigility is a hidden gem.

Their cloud integration software which lets its users from Shopify and other E-commerce platforms integrate their orders with accounting software like Quickbooks and Xero.

Webigility is estimated to have a monthly revenue of more than $1 Million, this is 100% export.

They have a client base of 5000-6000 clients, paying $200 as a monthly subscription of their software.


10.TCS, Indore

tcs indore jobsThe final contender who made it to our list is TCS, yes you heard it, TCS.

In some cases startups and new-age companies do not suffice, exposure to the country’s biggest technology company is one of its kind.

Ex-employees of the corporation have expressed a soft corner for the company because in most cases it was their first company, where they learned the habit of getting into automated systems, delivering on tight deadlines and hence working hard.

discipline, quality, and integrity, three words that define the Tata conglomerate of India.

It’s a great opportunity for young Indorians to get a seat at this 100-acre campus built like a 5-star resort at the developing Super Corridor road if the Indore city.


Importance of Internships

Importance of Internship and Internship in Indore

Our economy is drastically changing which means we need more knowledge, experience, and talent than before.

Internships are necessary to beat the tremendous competition in the job market.

In this article, we bring you everything you need to know about Internships, from the importance of internship to getting an internship in Indore.

An internship helps you gain practical knowledge and experience in a specific profession or occupation.

With that being said, it is obvious that they bridge the gap between what is taught in the classroom (theoretical knowledge) and what employers expect them to do (practical knowledge).


Importance of Internship

Importance of Internship

You can make the most out of your internship period by gaining as much knowledge as possible by choosing the correct internship opportunity for yourself.

Here’s why internships are really important:


1. Figure out what you like early on

We all think we’re passionate about something until we realize we’re not cut out for it.

For instance, several students feel like opting for Science in the eleventh standard is what they need for a bright future.

A month later we see them shifting to another field like Commerce/Arts and performing well.

Similarly, internships are a trailer of what your life would look like for the next 20 years (at least).

Even if an internship doesn’t help you figure out what you love, it will help you understand what you don’t like and prevent you from pursuing an ill-fitting career.


2. Watch and Learn

You’re wise if you can learn from other people’s experiences and foolish if you can’t.

Interning provides you with the opportunity to watch people up close—your boss, the senior staff such as the CEO/directors of an organization.

Ask your superior if they’d be fine if you could shadow them for a day.

This way, you’ll get to evaluate the pros and cons of their jobs.

Take part in meetings, do the extra hours, make contacts.

While interning, be a sponge that soaks up all the information and knowledge.

This information will come in handy when you become an employee.


3. Say Hello to Professional Feedback

Most students see internships as a favor to the organization.

When in fact, its the other way round. Truth be told, the company helps you more than you help them.

While teachers and professors prepare you for the theoretical part of the projects, it is the practical knowledge that counts.

Your team leaders/managers help you get hands-on experience and give you constructive feedback as and when required to help you become the person you aim to be.


4. Adds up to Your Resume

According to a report in 2017, a whopping 25% of applicants weren’t t prepared for the complexity of an entry-level role.

Additionally, 13% of job applicants were rejected because they did not have an internship experience.

Today, every organization wants an applicant to have some kind of professional exposure.

You might even be one of the brightest applicants and reach the final round but may still lose the opportunity if the other candidate has had prior experience.


5. Acknowledge the Work Culture

No amount of books or case studies or guest lectures can match the experience of working in an organization and understanding its work culture.

An internship will help you understand the whole shebang right from the leadership structure to employee relations.

This will help you get on board with your first job more easily than if you haven’t had any kind of professional experience.


6. Professionalism

Linkedin Skills Report states that 57% of professionals rate soft skills (such as problem-solving, teamwork, leadership, communication, etc.) as being more necessary than technical skills.

How can you develop soft skills, you ask?

The answer is by interning.


7. Network, network, network!

Did you know that there’s a 1:16 chance of landing up with a job by maintaining cordial relations with professionals?

Internships are a fantastic way to meet experts, professionals and fellow interns in your field.


8. Increases Marketability by Gaining Experience

If there’s anything you’ve learned so far by reading this article, it is — an internship gives you a leg up in the professional world.


9. Career Exploration

An internship is the best way to apply classroom knowledge to the real world.

Learning is one thing but applying that knowledge and skills to generate output is another.

The entire process helps you explore various specializations/career paths that suit your interests.


Why are Internships Beneficial?

Still, wondering what are the advantages of an internship?

Internships can bring a wealth of benefits both during the completion of a degree or during searching the right path after graduation.

We show you how an internship helps you:

  1. Gain confidence
  2. Develop valuable soft skills
  3. Gain experience
  4. Transition into a job
  5. Refine industry skills
  6. Helps your resume stand out
  7. Vastly increase the chances of getting selected in your desired company
  8. Life-long association with the organization where you intern


Internship in Indore

Indore is so much more than the food capital of India.

Indore is a promising city when it comes to the business world and has some of the state’s best organizations such as Wittyfeed and Raletta Technology.


Why Apply at Raletta Technology?

Raletta Technology

Every year, we receive over 8,000 applications from the top B-schools of India out of which 2,500 students are selected.

  1. We have worked with students from:
    • IIM, Indore
    • Symbiosis University of Applied Sciences, Indore
    • Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Indore
    • Medi-Caps University, Indore
    • Prestige Institute of Management and Research, UG and PG, Indore, Dewas, Gwalior
    • Prestige Institute of Engineering Management and Research, Indore
    • Amity University, Gwalior
    • NIT, Karnataka
    • Aravali Group of Colleges, Udaipur
    • Jagaran Lakecity University, Bhopal
    • R. C. Patel Institute of Technology, Maharashtra
    • Lovely Professional University, Punjab
    • HR College, Mumbai
    • Institute of Management Studies, Devi Ahilya University, Indore
    • IPS, Indore
    • Acropolis Faculty of Management and Research, Indore
    • Sanghvi Institute of Management and Science, Indore
    • International Institute of Professional Studies, Indore amongst other colleges.
    • SDPS Women’s College
  1. A spacious office that’s spread over an area of 12,000 square feet
  2. State of the art technology
  3. Experienced mentors
  4. Associations with industry experts, renowned CEOs’ and businessmen
  5. Live Projects training
  6. Award-winning digital marketing agency
  7. Bid goodbye to boring formals — we have a casual workwear policy
  8. Fun-filled activities for all the interns and employees every Saturday to help foster better relationships
  9. Friendly environment
  10. Age no bar — we don’t differentiate between 18 or 60.


Why Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing

Here are a few reasons why you should consider digital marketing as your career choice:

  1. Companies all over the world have gone digital and Indian companies are also catching up. This means there are plenty of career opportunities for everyone.
  2. Freedom of choice: If you love social media, you can become a social media expert. Love coding? Become a web designer. Have a flair for writing? Become a content marketer.
  3. The digital marketing industry is growing ten times faster than traditional industries.


Importance of Digital Marketing Internship

The digital marketing industry is booming and the skills gap is widening. Brands and organizations are focusing on digital marketing more than ever before.

Lots of career choices, increased pay, and bigger budgets are just a few advantages of choosing this career.


Scope of Digital Marketing

Scope of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the next best sector to secure a job.

You can start your career with any of the following career options:


Junior/Mid Level Job Positions:

  1. Digital marketing intern/executive
  2. SEO specialist/executive
  3. Content marketer
  4. Online reputation manager
  5. Web analyst
  6. Email marketing specialist
  7. Google Ads manager/specialist
  8. Social media expert
  9. Link building expert


High-level job positions:

  1. Digital marketing/branding head
  2. Advertising manager
  3. Social media manager
  4. Digital marketing expert/manager/strategist


Digital Marketing Internship in Indore

Are you looking for an internship in Indore for:

  • BBA
  • B Tech
  • MCA
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • MBA?

Apply now and confirm your seat today!

Applications from all management, engineering and arts backgrounds.


How to Choose a Digital Marketing Internship Opportunity?

Digital Marketing Internship

Now you’re well equipped with the importance of internships, let’s move on to what to keep in mind when choosing an organization for internships.


1. Paid Internships:

Companies that offer paid internships might look like fantastic opportunities.

However, they require extra hours and extensive labor work.

Moreover, you need prior experience for almost all organizations that offer paid internships.

You should apply to these internships once you have gained some knowledge and experience.


2. Students Pay for Internships:

Here, students are required to pay an amount to complete their internships with the given organization.

These organizations don’t generally offer you a lot of training and knowledge since their main aim is towards generating profits by offering internships.

Such opportunities must be avoided.


3. Free Internship:

Always opt for an organization that neither pays you or takes a payment for internships.

Not only do they train you well but they also don’t expect you to put in the long hours and sleepless nights.

Additionally, they also offer job opportunities to all the deserving candidates.

If you’re looking for a free internship in Indore, feel free to reach out and apply for an internship in digital marketing or 2D animation today.