Capital and investments aside, a business cannot succeed without the right human resources. In fact, many start-ups and small-scale businesses are able to grow into larger ventures primarily based on the effective workforce they employ despite being short on funds. 

Be it a steel manufacturing company, a travel agency, or a breakout escape room bangalore, the difficult reality of hiring good employees applies to every industry. Businesses are currently using traditional interview processes as well as relying on modern technology-driven tactics to hire the best employees for their operations.  

Let’s have a look at a few valuable tips that you can use to ensure the people you hire for your business are the right fit:  

1. Let your business have a proper identity 

Growing the reputation of your business and developing further in the market is essential for reaching out to more people. The identity of your business is not just about the name of your company but also governs the culture and message that your company has before all. It is this identity that will help people to know why they would like to be a part of your business. 

Having a motto or a little catchy message that curates the identity of your company will be beneficial for you. In this way, your potential employees can easily get to know that kind of business they can expect in your shadow.   

2. Go through resumes daily 

Every moment, several people across the world post their resumes on their profiles in need of a job. Thus, with the start of each new day, you have many opportunities lying ahead of you to pick the right employees for your company. There are a few plugins or applications that can help you get a notification each time a suitable resume is posted on the web. You can then go through resumes of people who match your need criteria. Thus, the sooner you can come across and check these resumes, the easier you can find out the potential employees for your company.  

To go through resumes with greater efficiency, you can consider the following steps to review each potential resume: 

  • Check the cover letter – The easiest and best way to get an overview of the applicant is by going through the cover letter. Here, you can check their previous application and job details to better understand if they will be the right choice for your company. 
  • A quick scan of the resume – Resumes being a reflection of your potential employee, you need to check every little detail here. Start with a glance over the entire resume. While you do this, be on the lookout for suitable keywords and specific skills that are much-needed for the position for which you are hiring them. 
  • A detailed scan of the resume – While checking the resume for the second time, pay attention to the list of skills in the resume of your applicant. Then, you can compare these skills to the job description and look for anything that they may lack. 
  • A final check of the resume – During your final check of the resume, pay attention to the previous positions that the applicant has worked in (if any). This will help you understand whether the given applicant is suitable for the position.  
  • The ultimate step – In the very last stage, you must keep aside and retain the strongest and most promising resumes. After this, you can call those applicants for the next stage of the hiring process.   

3. Use Facebook to target potential employees 

With Facebook being the most used social media platform these days, you can even turn to the same as a platform to look for ideal employees. With the advertising features that Facebook offers you, it becomes immensely easy for you to reach out to the target audience.  

There are several variables like choosing people based on their skills, location, age, etc., other than just giving the job title that you can use while advertising. Based on the variables that you use in your ad, Facebook will work to reach out to the targeted audience.   

4. Look for employees in your company 

Other than advertising and looking for employees outside your company, check if any of your existing employees are looking for a promotion or change in the job title. It can be a great way to have an ideal employee for your company, given that you already have knowledge about the person and have worked with them. Furthermore, because the person has already worked for your company for a substantial period, they are aware of the demands as well as needs of the company at large.   

Another added benefit of hiring internally is to retain them when they are about to leave your company to pursue another position (possibly the one for which you are looking to hire employees) elsewhere. In this way, you can also lower the number of employees who leave your company to work in other companies. This will also help attract new candidates, as people are most likely to be attracted by companies with lower employee turnover rates.   

5. Spread the word through your present workers 

Having your present employees spread the word about the company looking to hire new candidates is also a great way to come across ideal employees. Even though you might be able to use social media ads to spread the word, this step can also be greatly helpful in hiring new talents.  

Using your current employees and their networks can help you to widen your reach over LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms. To create the necessary drive amongst your present employees to bring in new faces, you can even give small rewards to whoever can bring in a new employee.   

6. Use attractive signs and flyers 

Even though literally everything today has become digitized, one cannot deny the importance of using the good-old signs and flyers. For this, all you need is to come up with an attractive and catchy design/poster and print it as much as needed. You can even include your existing employees in the process to come up with innovative and creative ideas to design the signs and flyers.  

Once you are ready with the design, print it and start putting them out in your area, and spread the word as much as possible. Other than the flood of social media posts that people often carelessly swipe through every moment, an attractive ad can help catch their attention with relative ease.   

7. Always keep your senses on alert mode 

The process of hiring suitable employees need not always start with a glance at resumes. Throughout the day, you may come across any suitable talent at almost any time. Be it at a café that you visit regularly or during your morning jogging sessions.  

Now, each time you come across someone whom you feel will be a great asset for your company, consider giving them your card. Following this, you can ask them if they would like to work for your company and if yes, ask them to call you at a suitable time.  


The process of hiring the ideal employees for your business is both difficult and essential at the same time. It is these employees who would affect the growth and development of your company at large. Instead of using these tips as rules, think of them as guides to help you navigate through the entire process. Pick out the best strategies that you feel are useful for your company and hire potential candidates accordingly. 

How To Find Employees For Your Business

1) Give Your Business An Identity

Finding employees often starts, not with a job posting or a help-wanted ad, but with your business’s identity. Your identity is your culture. Your identity is your message. Your identity is the answer to the question, “Why would someone want to be part of my team?”

Maybe your business is “work hard, play hard”. Maybe it’s “refined with a dash of irreverence”. Maybe it’s “classy and upscale”. Maybe it’s all of those things. Only you can say for sure.

So before you hang that sign in the window, take a few minutes and craft your business identity. When you’ve done that, be sure to convey that identity in whatever method you choose to find employees for your business.

That way, those prospective employees will know right away if you’re the kind of business they want to work for.

2) Target Potential Employees With Facebook

Facebook is still one of the best ways to find employees for your business.

Facebook has powerful targeting features that let you advertise your job opening(s) to people based on their skills, their location, their age, and countless other

Find employees with FacebookFor example, you can specify the area you want your ad to cover. Let’s say it’s Boston. Then you can specify “waiter” or “waitress” as the job title.

When you create your ad, it will be distributed to everyone in the Boston area who has “waiter” or “waitress” in their job title. And that’s just a very basic example.

There are so many other variables you can include, it makes targeting and finding employees a breeze.

3) Ask Your Current Employees To Spread The Word

Coworkers talking about how to find employees

Asking your current employees to spread the word is a quick and easy way to find employees for your business. Yes, you can send out your own ads on Facebook (or anywhere else for that matter) but you can’t reach everyone.

With the help of your current employees, you can widen your reach, not just on Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn, but through other channels you may not even consider.

It’s as simple as something like, “I work at (insert business name here). We’re looking for a great (insert job here) who wants to work for a (insert some part of your business identity here). If you are that person, or if you know someone who is, please share my contact info.”

You might even consider incentivizing the process by offering a reward to the current employee who brings in a new employee who lasts a set amount of time. It’s a win-win for all involved.

4) Try Signs And Flyers

Yes, in an age when pretty much everything is digital, this may seem like an extremely old-school method. And it is. But that’s why it can be an effective way to find employees.

For one thing, it’s pretty much free. All it takes is the cost of the paper, the printing, and the time to post them in your area. For another thing, it’s different than the flood of social media your prospective employees receive on a daily basis.

A sign in a window or a flyer on a bulletin board can stand out amidst the mass of ads and data they’re bombarded with from minute to minute.

5) Partner With Non-Profits

Non-profits like the Wounded Warrior Project can be a great resource in your quest to find employees. These organizations serve veterans, immigrants, and other groups who just want to work.

What’s more, these people are often willing to work hard for the chance to get back on their feet.

In addition to their willingness to work, they’ve also likely received some job training from the non-profit so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Background checks are also common practice for non-profit organizations and the people they serve so you know a potential employee has been vetted, if only just at the basic level. That can be one less thing you have to worry about.

6) Recognize Great Talent When You See It

Karin Hurt, CEO of Let’s Grow Leaders, explains to

“When I led a large retail sales team on the east coast, my radar was constantly up for great talent…you can teach specifics, but innate empathy and a strong service orientation are hard to fake.”

This method of finding employees for your business involves looking for specific skills or traits wherever you go. When you see what you like, consider giving them your card and asking if they’d be willing to talk about a job with your business.

So, for example, if you’re looking for a waitress with great customer rapport, remember that the latter skill is much more difficult to teach. If you find someone with such a skill—even if they’re working in an entirely different industry—offer to teach them to work in your business.

7) Look For “Great” Rather Than “Experienced”

Regardless of what channel you use to find employees, always be on the lookout for “great” rather than “experienced”. As a business owner, you may be operating with the belief that experience trumps everything.

Unfortunately, this is false. The old adage, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” is, on the other hand, often true. So “experienced” may not be the best fit for your business.

Look, instead, for “great” people and give them the experience they need. In most cases, a “great” employee is simply excited, willing to work, and teachable.

Hiring with an eye to those qualities rather than looking for the most experienced, can go a long way toward getting you the best employees for your business.

8) Use the Right Job Board Websites

Job board websites, like signs and flyers, may seem old-fashioned, but they are still the go-to sources for both workers and businesses involved in the food-and-beverage and other service-oriented industries.