Learn how to increase your online presence, grow followers on different social media platforms and also to increase Social Media Engagement.


Social Media Penetration worldwide is ever increasing. Being one of the most popular online activities, Social Media today has got tremendous User Engagement rates with approximately 2.8 Billion Social Network users around the globe. With the rapid growth in Digitalization, everyone wants to create an online presence of their, enhance the size of their audience (followers), some achieving the same while some failing to do so.


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  1. Creation of Unique Content

People like originality, something which is different from the rest, something which is new and interesting.

Will it Work? I say, why will it not work…!

Think about how differently you can present yourself, how differently you can market yourself. While the creation of your own content, try to be user-friendly in all possible ways. Yes, it’s the key. You might want to use more of Quote Graphics, Videos that are viral and also Funny GIFs. (But hey, don’t deviate from your topic. Stay relevant.)


  1. Hashtag – It’s Trending!

Hashtag – Its Trending!

Hashtags have been trending for a decade now.

#Confused? A Hashtag can be any word preceded by a Hash (#) symbol. Make the most out of hashtags by tagging certain keywords that define what you’re trying to infer. Having a proper understanding of using hashtags will not only increase your exposure but will also organize your content.


  1. Follower/ Customer Engagement

It’s all about how well you connect with your audience. Engaging with them on different posts, articles also adds value to you, as a Brand while also making the audience feel valued. A classic example is of McDonald’s.

McDonald’s doesn’t stop with just responding to each of their posts, but also, they go on step further to ensure they personalize the response to directly address each user. This can be seen in many of their Twitter replies.


  1. Increasing Participation and Networks

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Blogger like me or a kid trying to be a public figure or a company trying to create an online presence, linking to other social media platforms will always be a major assist to you and will help you grow effectively. Also, Websites like Quora or LinkedIn can help you increase your networking with different Industry leaders and also your own targeted audience.


  1. Hunger for Likes, Comments, and Shares

Another utterly important thing! Yes. Always encourage your readers to Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe to your posts. While ending your posts, you may always add a call to action i.e. asking your viewers/readers to like, comment and share with their friends.

This will always help you increase your audience.


  1. Experiment with Visuals

This is my personal favorite. Sharing with your audience a variety of videos and in a variety of formats will always help. Your followers are also people like you and me. They will always want to see something that has something unique, anything that interests them in any way or grabs their attention.

Using Podcasts, Live Videos, Behind the Scenes Videos, Featured Videos will always bring in more traffic.

Social Media Engagement will always strengthen your relationships as you engage with your followers on different platforms, you create an opportunity for your own to know more about the people who follow you, build the relationship and attract traffic with similar interests, eventually increasing your audience.

It isn’t Rocket Science! All that matters is how you design your posts so that you make your audience engage with it.

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Have you tried these hacks to increase your Social Media Engagement?

Well, let me know in the Comments Section. If not, START TODAY! And don’t forget to Like, Share and Subscribe!


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