Are you looking for the best spy app to secretly and remotely spy on Facebook account of someone else? There are certain spy applications that let you monitor the social media activities of your children and workers to protect and prevent them from wrongdoings.

TheOneSpy is one of the most advanced facebookspy apps that allow monitoring the most popular social media apps including big-wig Facebook. It lets you know what activities your children and workers have been performing on social media platforms.

There is no need to follow them on Facebook or access their mobile phones to be aware of their online actions. The spy app updates you about every single event on your own mobile phone or computer device. Read on to know how TheOneSpy lets you monitor Facebook of your children and workers.


Facebook and Its Menaces

Facebook is currently the most popular social media platforms having millions of active users. The platform allows exchanging messages, photos, videos, status updates, document files, and links. It also offers voice and video calling for one-on-one and group calling. The Facebook users can make comments, react and likes on the posts made by their fellows. While the platform gives individuals an opportunity to interact with the people across the world, it provides businesses with a chance to expand their business by communicating with their target audience worldwide.

Though the perks of the social media platform are undeniable, the menaces of Facebook can also not be ignored. From cyberbullying, harassment, child molestation, sexting, scamming, hacking and cat-fishing, there is a long list of potential dangers associated with the Facebook app.



Cyberbullying is the most common online threat experienced by many Facebook users. The bullies use Facebook to humiliate, harass and offend the target by sending threatening messages and making embarrassing posts and comments. Many bullying victims have been suffering from depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, while many others have committed suicide.


Child Predation

The pedophiles and adult Facebook users communicate with teenagers posing to be their well-wishers. They gather important information about the target from the Facebook profiles such as name, habits, and interests. This information is used to lure and sexually exploit the target. The child predators exploit teenage girls and boys by showing child pornography and use them to produce more content related to child pornography and violence.


Self-Harm Activities

Facebook has turned out to be a trendsetter. An anonymous group uses Facebook to trap teenagers and encourage them to do self-harm activities. Many death games and self-harm activities such as Blue whale game have come to notice within a few years.


Facebook Spy App

Whether you are a parent or an employer, you are needed to monitor the social media activities of your children and workers to prevent them from unproductive and malicious activities. Being a parent, you are obligated to protect your children from child molesters, bullies, and scammers. You can do this only be watching their every single online activity. The Facebook spy app makes it possible for you to track every single Facebook activity of your kids to ensure their security.


What Facebook Spy App Can Do?

With the Facebook spy app, you can check out messages received and sent by your children and workers via Facebook. You can see their photos, videos, post, and comments to ensure there is not any stuff related to bullying, predation and scamming. Once you install the Facebook monitoring app on the Android mobile phones of your target, you can monitor and control the targeted device via an online spy account.


How does Facebook Spy App Work?

The spy app gets access to the data stored on the monitored phone and uploads that data to the online spy account which can only be accessed by the end-user. This data includes Facebook chats, call logs, photos, videos, voice recordings and other stuff. This app also allows taking screenshots of Facebook activities to get every online activity of children and worker recorded.


How to Get Facebook Spy App?

Visit the official webpage of TheOneSpy to get Facebook spy app. Select the Android monitoring solution which lets you spy on Facebook and many other social media apps on your kids and workers’ Android devices. Subscribe to the app and download and install the app on the targeted device to start monitoring Facebook.