Coworking spaces are still growing day by day. Now, most of the city is following the culture of Coworking Spaces. In Bangalore, 150+ coworking spaces are there, even in Indore a number of coworking spaces are opening.

Why do professionals like co-working spaces more than traditional offices?

Are you tired of old traditional offices?


  • Amenities And Services

Coworking Spaces:

It is the biggest benefit of coworking space. Air conditioner, chairs, desktop these all are the inclusion of co-working spaces.Β  Wi-Fi, Telephone for personal use or conference room and meeting room for professional meets. Even coworking spaces include shared receptionist or mail services for all members. No stress for any resources or costing.


Conventional Work Spaces:

If we talk about the traditional office as the owner first steps are to get resources for office, spend money on each and every amenities of an office. After amenities owner has to call paid employees for achieving goals and in coworking they will take care of the needs you and your team have to focus on goals.


  • Association

Coworking spaces:

As we can see freelancer or companies are growing day by day in India. We will get a group of people who are a freelancer and from a different profession which is beneficial for an individual and this will always give a better experience to everyone. In coworking space events and activities keep engaged with each other. Festivals are celebrated for a healthy life.

Conventional Work Spaces:

Here every person is on a paid system and has one motive to achieve the goals of the company they are under some square feet. This place is not made for learning new things. No experiences No enjoyment and no celebrations for a healthy environment. Lack of communication and interaction between employees is a major concern in the conventional workspace.


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  • Contract Period

Coworking spaces:

Feel free while entering co-working space there is no fixed time period, contractor lease any hectic things before starting. No contract is there whether you like it or not if you are not feeling good then you can leave along with your security money will be returned to you. Flexible laws and criteria. Wherever whenever they want to work they can work.

Conventional Work Space:

Here every kind of contract, lease,Β  fixed timings you will face not for only days or months, You have to sign lease or contract of years. You will lock your company in a piece of paper with increasing rents.


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