Call centers are significant and powerful employers in the contemporary job market. Even though a vast number of people tend to believe that these centers are outdated and unnecessary due to the latest technological advancements and everything being just a few clicks away, the truth is very different. Customers still frequently choose this channel among various others as the most efficient and the most convenient way of getting answers and solving all their service or product-related problems. If you are planning a career in customer service, a job at a call center is an excellent starting point. It does not require any previous experience or particular education, which means that everybody is qualified.  All you need to do is master a few skills, be ambitious and willing to learn in order to gain experience and eventually reach a highly valuable and well-paid position in a company. What everybody likes about call center jobs is that working from home is a viable option, which is, we must admit, yet another major benefit.


In the following lines, we will tackle call center jobs in detail and provide you with all the vital information you need to know on the subject. 


Diverse options at your disposal

There is a great variety of options at your disposal when choosing among call center jobs. 
There is a great variety of options at your disposal when choosing among call center jobs.

Unlike what genuine amateurs think, not all call centers are the same.

They are organized differently in order to meet various business needs of numerous clients.

Generally, we can say that there is a major distinction between virtual and traditional call centers.

Working in a virtual call center implies working from home while using your own equipment and resources to complete different tasks and meet the requirements of your clients. 

On the other hand, when working in a traditional call center, employees are a part of a larger company or even an independent center that contracts agents out to their business.

Furthermore, we can also differentiate between inbound and outbound call centers. 

Inbound call centers are intensely focused on customer service and they offer support and solutions to the customers’ problems.

When working in a center of this type, you are not required to initiate any calls, but to answer the calls of current or potential clients. 

Outbound call centers employ agents who most often make cold calls in the name of a company to generate interest in a product or service.

The number of calls you make and your ability to convince prospectives that the products or services of the company you represent are precisely what they need and want directly influence the success, revenue, and reputation of the company you work for. 

All the above-mentioned facts prove that call center jobs offer diverse options to those who are looking for employment.

For example, if you are more of an individualist, you should choose a virtual, ideally inbound call center.

Similarly, talkative, confident people will have no problem working in an outbound call center, virtual and traditional alike. 


Call center jobs to choose from

Employees working at a call center are not only advisors.

There are many positions that are assigned according to an employee’s qualifications, competence, attitude to work and colleagues, and even personality.

Those who give their best to achieve exceptional results can earn a substantial income that will make moving for work to another country utterly unnecessary. 

Here is a list of posts you can apply for if you are looking for employment at a call center.


Team Leader

A Team Leader manages a team of advisors.

The position comes with a whole set of diverse responsibilities but the salary is very high.

Team Leaders set targets for individuals and teams alike, they review their performance and offer guidance and feedback.

Also, those in this position help with optimizing procedures and constantly search for and identify the strategies to keep advisors motivated.

Very often, Team Leaders are included in the process of recruiting new advisors or are involved in a project of utter importance for the whole center.

As is clearly evident, being able to handle multi-tasking successfully and efficiently is one of the key qualities one has to possess to be able to work as a Team Leader. 


Call Center Manager

Call Center Jobs That Pay ₹40,000 Per Month
Being a call center manager is one of the most responsible positions.

This is one of the most responsible positions in a call center.

It offers you a chance to earn significantly more than INR 40,000 per month if you are ambitious, hard-working, and strong enough to handle a lot of stress on a daily basis.

 A Call Center Manager analyses the overall performance detects the areas of underperformance and suggests improvement plans.

By regularly conducting internal reviews, they identify and efficiently eliminate any obstacles to clear communication among the staff.

Finally, these managers are one of the key factors in establishing and maintaining a positive culture at the call center.


Operational Manager

Operational managers are usually necessary for larger companies to take excellent care of all the operational elements.

They liaise with team leaders and the call center manager regarding performance management information and are usually a connection between the IT sector and technology suppliers. 

To be able to meet all the challenges of this position, you need to be technically minded and very good with statistics.

In communication with other employees, an operational manager has to be supportive and inspiring, while simultaneously ensuring operational excellence, service improvement, and maximal engagement.

If you are willing to take responsibility and cope with the requirements of this position, you can soon expect a salary that exceeds the starting sum of INR 40,000 per month. 


Resource Planning Manager

Resource Planning Managers are very important at large call centers. 
Resource Planning Managers are very important at large call centers.

To be a resource planning manager at a call center one has to be business-aware, flexible, and possess sound customer knowledge.

These managers coordinate the teams in charge of smart and efficient utilization of the workforce, conduct some scheduling, and try to forecast future trends. 

Sometimes, resource planning managers are responsible for the production and further delivery of management information, suggesting shift patterns that will improve efficiency, make recommendations regarding software, participate in staff recruitment, and similar.

If this sounds like too many things to handle, you are definitely right. But all the effort will pay off once a monthly check gets to your hands.



We have already stressed that no particular qualifications are required for call center jobs. Instead, experienced trainers play an important role.

People in this position are among the vital members of the overall team because they need to inform and prepare the staff to respond promptly and properly to various clients’ requirements.

When a new call center agent is employed, trainers are those who prepare and conduct the necessary training sessions until the agent is capable of dealing with the everyday errands independently.



Coaches are employed at all large call centers, without exception.

Together with team leaders, they manage a group of advisors, offer support, and share their technical knowledge with the agents.

Most often, coaches are employees with years of experience working as call center agents.

They have mastered the ability to get messages across and search for practices that guarantee the improvement of overall performance. 

INR 40,000 per month is the minimal sum you can earn and the effort you invest in completing the common tasks is directly proportional to the increase in your salary.

The more you try, the more you will earn. As simple as that.


Human Resources Manager

Human Resources Manager

Since a lot of recruitment and training happens at call centers, an HR manager is very important.

This is a well-paid position that involves a commitment to solving myriads of both professional and personal issues individuals might be experiencing at work.

You will be able to earn far beyond the limit of INR 40,000 per month if you are communicative and have good organizational skills, which are exactly the qualities this position requires. 


What do you need to know before looking for employment at a call center?

To get any of the above-listed call center jobs, basic preparation is a must.

Namely, you have to polish some of your skills, practice patience and calmness, and finally know how to impress your potential employer.


Why does patience matter?

Working as a call center agent most often involves having phone conversations with people who are not so welcoming or friendly.

If your clients initiate the call, this certainly means they have encountered a problem with a service or product and they are looking to eliminate it as fast as possible.

On the other hand, if you are the one who initiates a call, a great number of people might feel disturbed and uninterested in what you have to say. 

Hence, regardless of how difficult it is to communicate with the current or prospective clients, your task is to be wise, creative, and patient and to find a way to handle this situation.

Never interrupt the people you are talking to and always bear in mind what you want to achieve once you pick up the phone.

If you are a leader or a manager, you will have to practice patience as well and learn how to communicate effectively with your team.

It will help you resolve potential conflicts and also motivate employees to give their best at work.


Proficiency at multi-tasking is a big plus

Proficiency at multi-tasking is a big plus
Call center jobs require proficiency in multi-tasking.

Working at a call center requires proficiency at multi-tasking regardless of your position.

Even if you are simply a call center agent, chances are you will be working on a computer while simultaneously having a conversation on the phone. 

To gain or improve this ability, you should gradually boost your capacity of doing and thinking about more than one thing at a time.

Soon, you will have no difficulties to take in the information over the phone while reading something on your computer screen.



What clients expect from call centers is to be available 24 hours a day, nights, weekends, and holidays included.

Consequently, when working at a call center, you can expect to work night shifts, weekends, or on holidays as well.

Flexibility is, thus, very important when your non-work schedule is in question.

How can you manage your work schedule? When are you willing to work? Can you work on the shifts the company suggests?

The answers to these questions will provide you with an overall answer whether call center jobs are the right choice for you.


Beware of frauds

Call Center Jobs

When applying for a job at a call center, make sure you run a check of your potential employer.

Those who know how to surf the Internet safely can find a wealth of highly useful information online.

In just a few clicks you can find out all about a center’s reputation, read reviews, and clients’ comments.

They are surely indicative of what kind of company you are dealing with.


The pros and cons of call center jobs

“Working at a call center is both demanding and highly rewarding,” says Lemuel, a leading contact center representative. 

You tend to learn something new every day and your mind is always set to finding solutions for various challenges and obstacles.

Another advantage of call center jobs is that they provide you with a chance to learn the entire spectrum of communication skills.

Finally, call centers are known for quick promotions.

Those who are willing to invest their time and energy to gain some new skills can easily climb up the business ladder and earn several times more than INR 40,000 per month.

However, we must admit there are some cons of working at a call center as well.

One of the greatest downsides perceived by the staff is high-level stress and unpredictable working hours.

Also, the teams may experience very high turnover rates.

It may become overwhelming to grow your team and help the members easily adapt to different work environments and the ever-changing world.