Today, everyone who does the least browsing the Internet to perform virtually any action. We are always connected to the network of networks and everything happens through it. The communication, the socialization, the purchase, the geolocation, the procedures before the public administration, the job search, the own job, the purchase, etc. That is why it is absolutely necessary to know how to protect yourself against the potential dangers that, undoubtedly, we will find ourselves navigating.


  1. Always browse through secure pages
  2. Do not perform private operations on public Wi-Fi networks
  3. Be careful with phishing
  4. Only download apps from the operating system market or secure websites
  5. Have an antivirus


Let us look at them one by one.


Always browse through secure pages

Whenever you browse the internet you have to be careful, or at least be a little aware of the websites we visit. It is obvious that there are many web pages in which we can be sure, and we all know them. However, when navigating in places that are not known, it is always convenient to ‘be parrot’.

And this happens both on webs of only reading, as in webs of leisure or of purchase online. If, for example, you look for online casinos to spend some time, the important thing is that they are safe casinos. The same happens with online shopping and other types of service websites.

And how do you know that they are secure websites? Well, there are different forms depending on the web that is. For example, there is the ‘Online trust’ stamp that most of the secure websites to buy online have. However, there is a global way of knowing if a page is safe. The padlock found on the web address. If you have doubts you have to click on it and see which company certifies that the page is safe. You just have to look for information about these companies and see if it is legit or not.


Do not perform private operations on public Wi-Fi networks

Under no circumstances should you carry out private operations in Wifi networks that are public. These networks are easily accessible by anyone and, precisely for this reason, it is not very smart to make purchases through them or check the bank account. No, this type of actions must be carried out through the data network or intrusted Wi-Fi networks.

Public networks only have to be used to carry out operations that do not include personal or financial data. For example, they can be used to make the GPS work or to know which stores and restaurants are nearby, that is, for geolocation services that are quite practical. But its use is not recommended for other types of functions that can be much more dangerous in the hands of others.


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Be careful with phishing

Phishing is a method to get privileged information by tricking the user. With phishing, the Internet user is made to believe that he has accessed a trusted website so that he can log in with his account and password in order to steal it. It is a method that is increasingly perfectly designed and that usually comes through email.

However, however specialized it may be, it is easily visible if certain aspects are taken into account. For example, a website that copies another will never have access to its URL, therefore, the web address of a phishing page will always be different from the original one. Likewise, the email address is also very difficult to falsify.

In addition, the vast majority of online services, at least websites and major companies, never request private data in a way as unsafe as the creators of phishing. And in case of doubt, it is always convenient to contact the customer service of the company in question.


Only download apps from the operating system market or secure websites

Download apps from unofficial application markets are something only Android users can do. Except that an Apple user, that is, having an iPhone or an iPad, perform a jailbreak (terminal hack), this cannot download apps that do not come from the App Store of the Cupertino company.

Therefore, this advice is aimed at those who have Android terminals, whether phones or tablets. If you have to discard an application outside of Google’s Market Place, always do so through a trusted website. If that website is not trusted, or you have doubts about it, do not do it until you make sure that it is 100% safe.


Have an antivirus

online security If you usually surf the internet through your computer, or you can work with it receiving emails, or if you only download files from the web, it is always convenient to have a good browser that protects against malicious files. It is true that being careful, it is difficult for a virus to creep in, but it is not safe from everything since, in addition, any computer or device is currently connected to the network all day.

Therefore, it is advisable to have a good antivirus. But one that is really reliable. There are many free ones that in the end add more advertising to the computer than protection. For this reason, it is advisable to first carry out a study on which ones are the safest according to their price.